We teach permaculture on the NSW Central Coast. We run courses at our place and we can also coach you to implement permaculture at your place.

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Courses and Tours

Courses and Tours

Learn permaculture in small groups at our place

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Learn permaculture at your place

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We are honoured to have care of the unceded lands of First Nations people and are committed to never speaking on their behalf, but to holding space for their voices; we pay deep respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders and Knowledge Keepers, past, present and emerging

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We can help you to learn permaculture

Our popular permaculture courses are offered in the alternative economy

You can pay for them, or exchange learning for help in our garden and pay nothing

We can also coach you at your place to learn and implement permaculture, or to upgrade your existing permaculture system

We practice what we teach on our three and a half acre property that has been under permaculture for over 26 years

We love to show people around because we know that seeing permaculture in action is one of the best ways to learn it so we regularly offer tours

Permaculture is a design pattern for creating abundant systems that cooperate with nature.

We are part of nature, not apart from it.