We are a team of independent permaculture designers and trainers that coach you from the initial design stage through to completion and ongoing maintenance of your garden. We also run permaculture courses and workshops at your place or ours.

Our coaches are available throughout Sydney, Newcastle, the Blue Mountains and the NSW Central Coast.



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Do you need just a bit of advice to get you started or a full permaculture design service? We do both.

Do you already have a permaculture design but don’t know where to start? We can help you to implement it.

You can learn permaculture one-on-one or with a group of friends at your place, or you might prefer attending one of our courses.

If you would like to give someone you love a wonderful, environmentally sensitive gift, we can provide gift vouchers for all of our services.

Whatever you have, we can help you to improve your existing garden using permaculture methods.

If you would prefer to focus on changing what is happening inside your home we can also help. Permaculture design can be used to improve your energy efficiency or to declutter and reset.

Here are just a few examples of the things we have helped people to achieve:

Beautiful, productive food gardens that need no irrigation or synthetic chemicals.

Efficient nutrient cycling systems that use composting and worms to enrich the soil.

Bush gardens filled with native plants to attract birds and provide habitat for wildlife.

Forest gardens that cooperate with nature to create low maintenance beauty without irrigation, chemicals or pest control.

Simple methods for dramatically improving your soil at little or no cost.

Gardens that thrive without irrigation, chemicals or lots of maintenance.

Simple design hacks that resulted in significant savings on energy costs and a much more comfortable home.

Permaculture is a design pattern for creating abundant systems that cooperate with nature.

We are part of nature, not apart from it.