Our Services

Permacoach provides permaculture designers and trainers with the passion and the skills to get permaculture happening at your place.

Our services range from a friendly walk and talk to a full design service with ongoing coaching. Prices will vary depending upon the size and complexity of your site and the following information will give you some idea of cost. Please contact us for a detailed quote.

Walk and talk
approx $300

See your site through the eyes of a permaculture designer as you explore your land. Your coach will research the property before attending and will provide you with lots of ideas for saving time, energy and money. Your site visit usually lasts around two hours.

Walk and talk with site and sector notes
approx $450

Gain greater insight into your property and kick start your permaculture knowledge with a written analysis of the wild energies that impact your site as well as a short report on the relevant features of your land. Your site visit usually lasts around two hours and final reports are emailed to you within two weeks.

Implementation schedule for an existing permaculture design
Price varies – please contact us for a quote

Perhaps you completed your own design during a course, or paid to have one prepared for you, but can’t seem to get started. Or perhaps you made a start and now don’t know what your next step should be. We can prepare a schedule to make sure that your design is implemented according to the ethics and principles of permaculture, and in alignment with your budget, time and energy. If you would like ongoing coaching to make your permaculture dream a reality we can provide that too. 

Permaculture coaching at your place
Generally $75 an hour

Having your own permaculture coach allows you to start where you are, use what you have and do what you can in your own time and at your own pace. Coaches will design sessions to meet you where you are on your permaculture journey. You can have sessions on your own or involve friends and family for no additional cost. Home based coaching is often a more cost effective option that attending a paid permaculture course, and the advice you get is personalised and unique to your site. 

Permaculture concept design
Approx. $850 depending upon site

A concept design by a qualified permaculture designer will give you a pattern for implementing permaculture across your entire site. It will include a sector and site analysis, as well as advice on the best process for implementation. You might like to combine this service with ongoing coaching.

Full permaculture design service
Approx $1700 depending upon site

A full design service includes a sector and site analysis. We will prepare a detailed plan for your site including recommended plant species and detailed notes on the various aspects of the plan. We’ll include four hours of initial coaching to get you started with the option of adding additional coaching as you need it.

Workshops or training at your home or venue
Please contact us for a quote

We can design permaculture workshops and training for any venue and we will happily teach everything from introductory permaculture all the way up to a permaculture design certificate. We offer lots of flexibility and creativity and love designing courses for specific audiences and those with particular needs. Contact us and we’ll work out what’s best for you.

Ask us anything

We are a team of independent permaculture designers and trainers that take pride in providing our clients with great designs and dedicated support. We love a creative challenge and welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your permaculture dreams.

In other words, whatever you want to achieve with permaculture, we can help.

Choose your own coach from our team, or contact us and we’ll help you find someone whose skills match your project. We can help you get things right the first time. 

All of our coaches own and operate their own business and work directly with you. No commissions are charged on referrals. All fees go directly to your coach. 

Our Events page will also guide you to courses and other activities that our team provides from time to time.

Regular posts to Facebook will give you many insights into the practices of permaculture.