Meg McGowan

Volunteer Support


Phone: 0402075728



Although technically retired from the paid workforce, Meg spends much of her time finding creative ways to get more permaculture happening on the ground. Her efforts are entirely voluntary and she considers this part of her commitment to the permaculture ethic of ‘Fair Share’. Meg’s greatest joy has been supporting other people to become Permacoaches through training and mentoring. She sees this as an extension of the permaculture principle of getting the greatest yield for the least energy. By helping others to earn right livelihood in permaculture her impact is not limited by her health constraints. Meg’s driving force is her deep connection with the earth and her passion to do all that she can to protect and restore it. At a time when human damage is wreaking havoc, she sees permaculture as part of the solution. Teaching others to live well with less, to understand and reconnect with the natural world and to commit to leaving even a small bit of land in better condition than they found it can, in her opinion, have a cumulative impact. Meg’s blog ‘Smarter that Crows’ is a collection of her musings on a range of topics, particularly best practice in teaching permaculture. You can find it here: