Kerrie Anderson

Trainer and Speaker

Synergy Permaculture



Kerrie has a longstanding interest in sustainable living. With a background in health, her focus is now on living in tune with nature, eating a healthy organic diet and growing her own produce. Kerrie is a Permaculture and Meditation Teacher and is passionate about influencing others to make informed choices for a more sustainable future. She is a member of Permaculture Central Coast, Permaculture Australia, a member of FIG (Food Integrity Group) Food Co-op, and a founding member of Matcham Holgate Produce Share. She is a skilled training facilitator, community connector and is very experienced in coaching individuals and groups in practical permaculture strategies. Kerrie currently works as a TAFE Teacher and also as a Facilitator in the community, for people of all ages from young children to adults, delivering courses on permaculture and sustainability.