Introduce Permacoach Chris Kemmett to clients

Chris Kemmett

Coach and Trainer

Homegrown Permaculture



Chris is based in Swansea, a quiet suburban village on the eastern shore of Lake Macquarie with soulmate and wife Tracy, who is also a permaculture practitioner. Chris came to permaculture through a side door. "Tracy's enthusiasm for permaculture following two short courses was infectious. Becoming aware of the permaculture ethics and principles was like coming home." Chris has an Advanced Permaculture Design Certificate and is passionate about practicing permaculture in suburban and smaller spaces. Chris and Tracy's practice, Homegrown Permaculture, runs workshops, and offers permaculture coaching and design services that open the door to clients imagining their homes and gardens in fresh new ways. "I love the workshops and coaching, as much as design. It's a pleasure and an honour to join people as they actively seek ways to enjoy life more, be more resilient and and their awareness grows of the abundant life they can help rebuild in the gardens and spaces around them."